Update 5/25: My independent research has thus ended. Now the blog will be focused on all issues in regards to violence against women (gendered violence), with a strong focus on sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Updated 4/11:  I have finished my research on the aftercare solutions in the US and some international ones. To see that research, click here. The next step is do a 'consumer report' on the aftercare solutions to identify gaps in service and foundation services. I will be conducting interviews as well.

Updated 2/25: After spending a few months researching the topic of sex-trafficking, I am now moving towards researching established aftercare solutions. Although I wish I had more time to keep reading and researching, I need to get out of the books and get my hands dirty due to a time constraint. During my research, I have compiled a list of about 35 organizations that I will look into. More specifically, I will focus on their business model, what they do, what their mission is, target market, funding, location, growth, history, etc. I am aiming to interview and visit some of these places. The ending goal is to create a unique, sustainable, and expandable business model for an aftercare organization that would be suitable for a local city. If you have any suggestions on organizations to look into or business models for aftercare solutions, please leave a comment.