Purpose Behind The Study

 This blog was initially designed to be a collection point, as well as a source of public resources, for the research I was conducting for an independent research on domestic sex trafficking and aftercare solutions Below is my summary of the purpose of my research. Since the independent study finished, the blog has become focused on reporting on current issues within all violence towards women, but still with a focus on sex trafficking.

Summary of Initial Purpose

Sex-trafficking is a global epidemic. The United States Department of Justice estimates that about 293,000 American youth are at risk of falling victims to commercial sexual exploitation. Human-trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry globally, with 27 million victims in the industry across the world. Girls get trafficked in the US, on average, when they are 13 .

The purpose of this study is to gain a comprehensive view of the sex-trafficking problem in the United States, while identifying opportunities to start a social venture what will combat sex-trafficking and rehabilitate retired sex-trafficked women. 

This study will focus on human trafficking, specifically on domestic and international sex trafficking of women. In order to develop an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the issue, I will research the following topics:
1. Current legislation regarding victims of trafficking,
2. Current rehabilitation practices for retired sex-trafficked women,
3. Health issues in the population,
4. A comprehensive study of aftercare programs in the U.S.
5. Funding sources for organizations that combat human trafficking
6. Business models that current rehabilitation shelters and organizations use.

Statistics from: http://www.justice.gov/criminal/ceos/prostitution.html

Why blog about it?
This blog is a compilation of my research and an organized way to keep track of the information I am finding. I decided to keep an open blog about it due to the idea that the information should be shared to enlighten those around me and anyone who stumbles upon my blog. The data and information is cited, except for the blog posts that are my opinions.