Blogger's Statement

My passion for combating all violence against women has lead me to this point. I have a burning desire to pursue and combat this gendered violence. More specifically, I am focused on the issue of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. The research I am conducting is done through reading books, watching DVDs, reading google alerts set for “sex-trafficking”, speaking with victims, and meeting with people who are working against the issue. The blog is simply a way for me to collect the information that I am finding, this does not mean that I am endorsing or “believing” everything. I believe that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt and looked at in numerous angles. The numbers of sex trafficked minors and adults numbers can not be proved and most people believe it is over-calculated for attention. I have considered this as a good possibility, especially after reading how the child sex-trafficked number was calculated. What I do not agree with are people getting stuck at the numbers; Somewhere in there I see it as a denial of the problem. Like I said when I responded to a comment: "Suggesting that there are less victims in the US, is like like telling me there are 3 people inside of a burning house rather than 10. For me, it does not matter if there are 100 victims or a million- the problem needs to be addressed."

As for the "choice" of prostitution, I will use this quotation to illustrate my views on it:
“It’s like someone jumping from a burning building—you could say they made their choice to jump, but you could also say they had no choice."(cite).

I encourage you to add your thoughts and opinions to the topics that I am posting about. My posts are not the absolute truth and only contain a one sided view. I want to use this as a discussion board, as well as an organizer of my research, in order to increase my learning and knowledge of the topic. I think that my learning will benefit greatly from your input and an open and respectful discussion.