Monday, September 12, 2011

Rape of Haitian Man by UN "peace"keepers

Sound a little like the UN "peace"keepers in Bosnia during the war in 1992? Unfortunately yes. My blog usually focuses on violence against women but I needed to make an exception to highlight something I have not been able to stop thinking about today. About the abuse of power, about the sick nature of men who rape, and about the act of rape. Sometimes we think that men rape just because they are sexually inclined to do so (pleasure seeking)- as in the men who purchase sex slaves. But I think this case and many others it goes far beyond that, especially when it was a male who was a victim. In the video ( Please do not watch unless you are mentally ready to watch the rape) the UN "peace"keeper uses rape to break the man's will and to physically show the man's inferiority and lack of power and control. Rape is used as a weapon, but one that does far more damage internally to the mind and soul than a knife or gun or fist.

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  1. Hey there...CNN article linked from front of their webpage today: