Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Antonia Bilic

Missing 17 Year Old Girl From Croatia
Police are questioning whether she has been kidnapped and sold into the European sex trade

Antonia was hitchhiking when Dragan Paravinja, a Serbian  rapist and psychopath, is known to have picked her up with his truck.  Police found evidence that she was in his truck.
He did confess to killing her and throwing her body in river Krka. Search teams have searched the water and land and have found no body. Her family believes that she may be still alive and have started searching all over Europe. Police are now questioning whether she has been sold into the sex trade since her body is no where to be found.

For any information on Antonia’s whereabouts, please contact the nearest police station or the girl’s family directly at 095/860-0777 or 095/860-0776.
Dragan Paravinja is linked to another disappearance of a Slovenian girl back in 2007. The case is similar to that of Antonia's: "The 17-year-old Doroteja Pasar is believed to have been hitchhiking on the night of 29 September 2007 when she went missing." He confessed to strangling her but her body was never found. Croatia and Slovenia are part of a well-know trafficking route in Europe. Slovenia, especially, is an ideal country for trafficking since it straddles the poor and rich parts of Europe.: "Bosnia and Herzegovina forms a segment of the one of the most prolific sex slavery human smuggling routes in Europe: the Balkan Corridor, which stretches from Turkey into Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and into Western Europe.Tens of thousands of women are smuggled along this route every year. (cite)".  "Slovenia is primarily a transit country for the purpose of human trafficking. Victims are typically trafficked through Slovenia via the Balkan Route. (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia), then into Italy, which serves as the gateway to Western Europe. Slovenia is less frequently a destination country" (cite).

The question is why? He could be a key player in trafficking in Europe, or merely the low man transporting girls. But either way, Croatian police need to get answers from him. He has rejected a polygraph and is not complying with the police. If this is a case of trafficking (or two cases of trafficking), as much information needs to be extracted from him, even if against his will.

It is know that services have about a 48 hour block in the US to find a girl after she has been kidnapped before she enters the sex trade, in which it is very unlikely to find her. For both Antonia and Dorotej, time is working against them. 

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