Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Switzerland's Sex Boxes

 Switzerland plans to restrict prostitution to three zones in the city and implement sex boxes in one specific zone in order to "protect" personnel in the sex industry. Here is there rational "Leupi explained that the city council's goal in introducing the measures was to combat human trafficking, offer appropriate response to victims, minimize the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and protect both sex workers and the population at large from violence."

This has sparked some controversy, seen in the comments section. :
"So, prostitutes don't know their rights, prostitutes are 'entering' prostitution in large numbers from a country that has a serious problem with sex trafficking, pimping and trafficking are increasing and the legal industry is so rife with problems that the government is resorting to 'sex booths' to solve them? The same booths which have proved dangerous, unhygienic, unworkable and basically disastrous in other countries where legalized prostitution has failed? How many more women and girls have to suffer before we acknowledge that legalized prostitution does not work and benefits no-one but the pimps, traffickers and johns who sexually exploit women?"

"Do they get to keep their income?  Do you think any prostitute would choose the same for their child?  You see only what you are allowed to see.  With prostitution, legal or otherwise, come the things, we turn our faces away from in the light of day."- Crystal

"Officials in Zurich are revamping their prostitution regulations. The article reports that as part of their plan officials intend to relocate the designated commercial sex zone and to build sex booths to accommodate commercial sex exchanges. Purportedly this is, at least in part, an attempt to curb sexual trafficking! Just how are relocating commercial sex zones and sex booths supposed to do this? That is not explained . . . possibly because there is no logical explanation" -IATS. 



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