Friday, April 1, 2011

Veronica's Voice (VV)

Basic Information:
Kansas City's only recovery program for sex trafficking victims
Executive Director- Kristy Childs
501(c)(3) Organization

Contact Info:
Kansas City, KS

Goal: To offer compassionate and non-judgmental counseling and services through peer, survivor-ran services

*Johns’ School
*SAFE Center
* Veronica's Intervention Program (VIP)
* 2 crisis lines

Clients: VERONICA'S Voice provides services throughout Kansas City Missouri and Kansas. Our clients come from the court system, referrals, outreach programs as well as walk-ins. VV works directly with every client providing individual assessments. Peer counseling, licensed therapists, shelter, food, healthcare, drug treatment and legal advocacy are all offered.

Safe Center: offers walk-in services to help with basic human needs: showers, clothing, food, phone use and referrals.The SAFE Center also provides a place for most of VV programming and services.     * Center Hours:   Monday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm
*does not offer housing. This is done with local shelters for a total of 10 beds

Outreach: personal peer interaction on the street, in the jails and drug treatment facilities, referrals from medical treatment centers, judges, police and presentations

Veronica's Intervention Program (VIP):
*Works with the Municipal Court of Jackson County Missouri
*Offer women who have been arrested for prostitution an opportunity to seek help with VERONICA'S Voice, often in lieu of jail time

John’s School:
*Intensive, one-day, educational class
*The fees for this program, which are paid by the "customer/john", go directly back into VERONICA'S Voice and are used for all services and programs VV provides to the commercially sexually exploited.

*Community organizations, NEWHOUSE, City Union Mission, Rediscover formerly known as NorthStar, Renaissance West, Swope Parkway Health Center and other medical facilities

    * Catholic Campaign for Human Development - National
    * McAuley Ministry Fund through Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
    * Concepts For Effective Services through Catholic Charities
    * Shared Hope International
    * Dedicated Monthly Donors
    *The Second Annual Courage To Change Walk
    * John’s School
    * Cut-a-thon at local hair salon

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