Thursday, April 7, 2011

Restore NYC

Basic Information:
Restore NYC is a non-profit providing holistic aftercare services to survivors of sex trafficking in New York City.
501(c)3 non profit
Starting November 2010: Restore opened as the 1st NY long term safe house for foreign born survivors of sex trafficking
Served over 100 women in 2010 as compared to 28 clients in 2009

Contact Info:
Faith Huckel, Executive Director

Mission: restore freedom, safety and hope to foreign born survivors of sex trafficking by providing long-term, holistic aftercare services

Model: Empowerment model that focuses on restoring a client's hope through validation, community support, and identifying and building strengths. Our goal is to walk alongside our clients as they move forward in their healing journey. Restore's program is designed to holistically address the long-term effects of sex trafficking on this unique population.

Services: Restore NYC operates both a non-residential program and a residential program.  Program services include the following:  (* outsourced)
• Case Management
• Individual Counseling
• Court Advocacy
• Safe Housing
• Job Training
• Movement Therapy
• Financial Assistance           
• Medical and Dental Care*
• Visa Application Assistance *
• Translation Services
• Mentoring

Collaboration: partner with local and federal officials as well as other organizations to empower survivors and facilitate the prosecution of traffickers, such as Department of Homeland, Security, New York Police Department, U.S., Attorney’s Office, and Federal Bureau of, Investigation
Referral: 90% of clients are referred through the Criminal Justice System, primarily Queens Criminal Court. Clients are arrested on prostitution charges, and then mandated to receive services in lieu of doing jail time or community service projects. After the completion of court mandated sessions, clients have the opportunity to continue receiving services from Restore and roughly 50% of clients choose to do so. The remainder of Restore's clients come from agency referrals.

Clients: foreign victims of sex trafficking. Sixty-nine percent of clients served were trafficked from China. Thirty percent of clients served were trafficked from South Korea Restore began serving our first client trafficked from Mexico in 2011. 69% of clients have undocumented citizen status; 31% have green cards, asylum or citizenship.

Restore Survivor Lisa from greg wong on Vimeo.

75% of all funding is made possible by individual giving.
Somaly Mam Foundation. KACF,
Finances: Roughly 75% of our expenses go toward programmatic costs such as providing counseling, case management, job skills training, food and housing to survivors of sex trafficking. Remaining expenses go towards fundraising and general  management costs.

Donation Breakdown:
$100 provides food and other basic necessities for 1 woman for 10 days.
$1,000 provides screening and court advocacy for 1 woman within the New York judicial system.
$10,000 provides shelter at Restore's safehouse to 8 women for 100 days.

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