Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rapha House

Basic Information:
Founded in 2003
501(c)3 nonprofit
All Rapha House homes are currently located in Southeast Asia, looking to expand globally
Joplin MO

Contact Info:

Mission: exists to love, rescue, and heal children who have been rescued out of slavery and sexual exploitation.

Safe houses: The Rapha House safe house programs exist to provide a place of physical rescue to girls who have known severe abuse and exploitation. Each girl who is a part of these programs will find: Her own bed, Three meals a day, Social services to assist with justice issues, Basic education and vocational training, Specialized counseling, A staff who loves and supports her unconditionally

Halfway Houses: Girls who graduate from the safe house program come to the halfway house called Freedom Centers. Living at the halfway house gives each girl the chance to receive vocational training in an area of her choice. This way every girl is given the chance to leave the past behind her as she is reintegrated and able to sustain herself in society.  Includes: Vocational training, Supervised living, Preparation for independent living, Options for her future, An emotional and spiritual support system through continued therapy.

Reintegration Program: The Rapha House reintegration programs exist to help restore girls and their families to sustainable freedom. Whether a girl needs to stay at Rapha House for several years or a few days, the reintegration programs are in place to ensure that when she returns to society, she is able to look forward to a healthy future. A girl involved in the reintegration projects will be able to take part in: Job placement, Potential start-up loans and grants, Social services. Family counseling, Income generation projects for her whole family.

Prevention programs

Educational Gallery: In Joplin, Missouri, Rapha House has set up an educational gallery where people can come and learn more about Rapha House, slavery around the world, and what can be done to bring slavery to an end. At the gallery, we also offer the opportunity to purchase some of the handmade items the girls have created as a part of their vocational training, as well as a prayer walk where people are encouraged to meditate and intercede on behalf of people around the world still trapped in slavery. The gallery is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

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