Monday, April 11, 2011

Origin Coffee and Tea: Unique Business Model

Basic Information:
501(c)3 non profit
“For Benefit”
Workers not paid- volunteer
All funds go to fighting sex trafficking
Business practices: simplicity, fair-trade products, free labor

Contact Info:
2168 Sunset Blvd. Suite 105
Rocklin, Ca 95765

Their bio:
On the surface, we don't look much different – coffees...mochas...lattes...loose leaf teas...local artists on the walls.  But every pound of beans and cup of artisan coffee brings freedom where there is no freedom.  Here's the run-down of what we're about:

We are for-benefit.  Although we are structured as a 501c3, we don't think of ourselves as "non-profit".  The difference with Origin Coffee & Tea is what we do with our profit.  Money is a tool for freedom and we will give it all away.

Our workers don't get paid.  They selflessly volunteer to make a difference.  All funds beyond overhead costs go directly to those fighting the sex trade.

How far would you go if it was your daughter, sister, friend?  Our business practices (simplicity, fair-trade products, free labor) and our sacrifices are because we can't just move on but we think we can end this.

The harder we work, the more girls get rescued.  It's simple and we want the city to join us.

It takes the whole city and everyone is invited.    We want to be a place where you can come in and relax, meet your neighbors, and share in something meaningful with people from all walks of life. 

How do they fight sex trafficking:

Rescue – International Justice Mission  leads the fight against human sex trafficking around the globe.  They not only rescue girls and boys, they also ensure justice by prosecuting the perpetrators.  We can't go and raid brothels ourselves but IJM can.

Recovery – The physical, emotional and psychological hurt caused to girls who have been made a commodity and raped day after day is unknowable.  What is known, is without homes where victims can be safe, taken care of, given resources to help heal deep wounds and given hope of a way out of the sex trade - rescue is pointless. 

Cultural Development – In several countries, for generations, the sex trade has become such a cultural norm that to find a family where a girl has not been prostituted or made to work the brothels is rare.  The crime of dehumanization is so pervasive that it is often not necessary for perpetrators to hold these young girls against their will – they mistakenly believe that trading their own bodies for a little money is simply a fact of life. We know that we cannot permanently end human sex trafficking without resourcing the people who live in cities where this is being done to their own people.

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