Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Daughter Project (TDP)

Basic Information:
Non-profit organization in Northwest Ohio
Faith Based
Perrysburg, OH

Contact Info:

1. Non-profit Incorporation & 501(c)3 Status – Done
2. Website/Facebook/Twitter development – Done & on-going
3. Church connections and Committee development – Done & on-going
4. Land acquisition - Done
5. Recovery home built – In process
6. Recovery home operational – Summer 2011
7. Co-op Community Garden – Summer 2012
9. Foster Home Program/Permanent Housing, College & Job Assistance – Fall 2012
1o. Community Education/Prevention Program/John School – Fall 2013
11. Resource for other ministries; franchise – Fall 2013

*God is the creator of everything, especially the girls we are planning to help.
*In order to heal, our "daughters" need to be cared for professionally and loved personally. 
*In order to recover, the girls need to walk their own road of recovery but we can help them along the way.
*A relationship with God is supremely personal, each girl will be given complete freedom in this area and our care & love for them will be given in a completely non-discriminatory way.

Programs: To provide holistic healing services in an extremely safe, home-like environment to girls who have been freed from sex traffickers.  The services will include; abuse & addiction counseling, family/friend restoration, health & nutrition education, medical/dental/vision care, legal counsel and spiritual mentorship. 
More specifically, we have recruited doctors, counselors and other professionals to provide medical services to our girls.  We are also developing plans for art, drama, equine and music therapy.
In addition to medical services, we have begun to contact various local community organizations to provide healthy, educational opportunities for our girls.  Some of these include the YMCA, the Zoo, the Symphony and others.

Personnel: 5 House Moms & 1 Case Manager (PAID),
Volunteers in position such as director, board members as well as all our committee members; nurses, counselors, lawyers, college students, teachers
Planning to operate without a home office, company car, office computer, copier, etc. All of our meetings are conducted at various locations around town and all the committee members use their own vehicles, computers, etc. to complete their work for TDP.
Estimate the overall cost of operating our recovery home for girls rescued from trafficking to be about $100 per girl, per day

Some state tax dollars- however, they do not want to be dependent on this money and are looking to become self-sufficient
John’s School Revenue in 2013

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