Friday, April 1, 2011

Biographe and The Blind Project


The Blind Project Launches A Crowdsourcing Design Challenge Called ‘Be A Biographer’ To Help Victims And Survivors Of The Commercial Sex Trade

The social enterprise- a sustainable business that combines non-profit social purpose with for-profit market strategies- is no longer a niche idea. The Blind Project is proudly leading the charge with the launch of the  Be A Biographer, a crowd-sourcing design challenge for a new sustainable style brand called Biographe.


Media Contact
Kevin Kim- The Blind Project, Marketing

About Biographe
Biographe is a sustainable style brand initiated by The Blind Project. Biographe promotes the holistic restoration of women exploited from the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia, teaches them marketable job skills in fashion design and production, and employs them in a positive work environment while earning a sustainable living wage.

About The Blind Project
The Blind Project is a collective of passionate individuals uniting together, leveraging their unique talents to empower victims and survivors of the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia. We consist solely of volunteers with no paid staff. A Nonprofit

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