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Transitions Global

Basic Information:
West Chester, OH (headquarters)
Founded in 2007, originally as Transitions Cambodia, Inc.
501(c)3 non-profit public charity
Works in Cambodia, Greece, India, Indonesia
$ 250,000- Budget

Contact Info:
(513) 898-9372 

Founders: James and Athena Pond created Transitions Global in August of 2007. James and Athena have worked with survivors of sex trafficking since 2005 when they co-established the Agape Restoration Center (ARC), a high-security, long-term aftercare facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Cambodian and Vietnamese victims of sex trafficking between the ages of 8-18. They have three children who live and help them with the aftercare facility and skill training.

Basic Principles that Transitions Global runs on:
1.Rescue is not an event; it's a process: The rescue is only the beginning of the journey to recovery.
2.Freedom without a future is simply another form of slavery.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are two key elements in eradicating human trafficking: raising the status of girls and women and eliminating the entitlement of men. Transitions Global strives to address the first issue--giving girls viable and sustainable job skills and positions in society that restore their dignity and empower them to dream again. In addressing the first issue, Transitions Global establishes the necessary foundation to tackle the issue of demand. Empowered young women have the capacity and status to address issues of gender bias and inequality.

3.When you can't tell the difference between her and us, we have done our job: Transitions Global’s goal is to restore lives, not just patch them up
4.By giving girls choices, we restore their voices.

Mission: Transitions Global empowers survivors of sex trafficking with the opportunity to heal and recapture the most basic of human rights: freedom and hope. We use holistic and innovative solutions to provide a safe environment where girls can heal through intensive trauma therapy, life skills training and learn viable, sustainable job skills.

Transitions Global empowers girls to become strong and independent adults. Restoring dignity, health, and most importantly hope, Transitions Global is a pioneer in the rehabilitation of trafficking survivors.

Model:Addresses the need for culturally-relevant, individualized services, addressing trauma, stigma, and incorporating the concept of recovery in the girls’ therapy. Their  approach is to describe, document, and evaluate practices that are highly valued and thought to promote wellness in girls and families, but for which empirical evidence is largely lacking.
Focuses on the rehabilitation and reintegration offers girls opportunities to heal from the past and acquire life, social and business skills that prepare them to function as healthy, independent adults.

Transitions Global provides holistic shelter and aftercare services to girls through our Transitional Living Centers (TLC) and S.T.A.R. Houses (Secondary Transitional Apartment Residences.
Transitions Global provides comprehensive aftercare services to girls between the ages of 13-19 years old who have been sexually trafficked, exploited, or abused. This is accomplished through a continuum of care consisting of psychological, social, educational, and health services, as well as, job training and placement, keeping the individual girl’s needs and desires at the forefront Their approach encompasses both trauma recovery and empowerment of the individual.

Many shelter aftercare programs depend upon a therapy-driven model. While Transitions Global believes that therapy is important, we also believe that a holistic approach involves the individual, the family, the community, and society. In order to assist girls in becoming healthy and independent adults, we employ social workers as the driving force behind our program.

Aspects of their model:
Safe and secure environment
Holistic Counseling/Trauma Therapy
Medical/Dental Care
Adult Life Skills Education
Educational Rehabilitation
Job Skills/Job Placement
Re-entry Services

Cambodia- Phnom Penh: Transitional Living Center (TLC) serves 20 Cambodian and Vietnamese girls each year with comprehensive aftercare services.

In addition to the full-time shelter program, they offer our girls a ‘next step’ in their reintegration – the S.T.A.R. House, with capacity for eight girls. This transitional house gives the girls a chance to practice their newly developed life skills and learn to live independently under limited supervision. For girls who are ready for independence early, or for girls who have a viable family option, we provide long-term reintegration support and re-entry services.

India- Mumbai: Founded in 2009, establishing four Transitional Living Centers, works in collaboration with Crossroads in Cincinnati.

United States:  In the future, transitions Global would like to open a domestic trafficking shelter to serve the needs of sexually exploited teens in the United States.

Results: 79.6% success rate: this success is measured by girls leaving our program and not being re-trafficked, exploited, or engaging in commercial sex during their first year of independence.
Transition Global is currently working with Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, beginning in November 2009, to document our results and to create a better understanding of how we can improve our service delivery to the girls we serve.
Individual Donations
Buck Up Campaign: Donate a Dollar
Race for Transitions

A Breakdown of Donations:

$80 covers the cost of a girl's bike to get back and forth to school and work.
$150 covers the cost of a week of aftercare for a girl.
$350 covers the cost of a girl's wardrobe – new outfits, workout clothes and shoes, including her professional clothing.
$525 covers the cost of a girl's attendance in a private high school – tuition, uniforms, and books.
$1,000 covers the annual cost of a girl's high-quality vocational training in the job field of her choice.
$8,950 covers the annual cost for a girl – from rescue to reintegration.*


Opportunities with Transitions Global
Volunteer work
Engagement Trips to Cambodia 

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