Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Chance

Basic Information:
Founded in 1993

Contact Info:
Toledo, Ohio

* To offer supportive services to women and youth affected by or at risk for involvement in sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation, as they reclaim lives of choice.
    * To raise community awareness about the issues of sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children and to work diligently to end the exploitation and victimization of women and youth.
    * To advocate with women and youth throughout the country to secure and provide resources for treatment and services for victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Model: The design of the Second Chance program was based on over 500 hours of interviews conducted with survivors/victims from the Toledo community

Second Chance develops individualized service plans for each woman or youth involved in programming. Plans are modeled on treatment and recovery practices that support women and youth in healing from trauma, learning and developing a strong sense of self, and challenging and engaging women and youth to develop healthy and authentic relationships.

Services Provided Include:
    * Intensive Case Management
    * Advocacy
    * Information and Referral Services
    * Harm-Reduction, Education, and Prevention
    * Trauma Treatment through Individual Counseling
    * Psychosocial & Educational Groups, & Prostitutes Anonymous for Adult Women
    * Support groups for victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Any woman who has been affected by prostitution and any girl who has been victimized or is at risk of victimization by Commercial Sexual Exploitation or sex trafficking is eligible for services.

Forever Priceless: Forever Priceless campaign includes ribbons that are black, purple and pink. The black is for women who lost their lives due to the sex trade, purple is for those who are being victimized and the pink signifies the need to prevent young girls from being trafficked.

Prevention is a key component of the Forever Priceless campaign. Second Chance produced the prevention video “Losing Maria” to educate community members about domestic minor sex trafficking including the recruitment process, precautions and possible effects of trafficking. Curriculum accompanies the 42-minute film and can be used with a variety of audiences. Visit the Downloads section to obtain the video and curriculum.

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