Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MSNBC: Sex Slavery Documentary

I finally got around to watching the four hour documentary MSNBC broad casted earlier in February.  The stories documented in this were unlike anything I had heard or seen before. They included different tactics of trafficking and manipulating the victims.

Sex Slaves: The Teen Slave
This story was about a girl at the age of 15 who took an offer from a cute guy she had met at school for a ride home. She had just moved to Detroit and started attending a new school.  He stopped to show her his house, started kissing her and then raped her. The shame from the rape was carried with her and stopped her from seeking help, since she was raised religiously. Soon after, she was shown pictures that the boy’s cousins had taken during her rape. They were used as blackmail and she had to ‘earn the right to get them back.’ The boy and his cousins led her to the basement and said that she would do what they said and they gang raped her. For two years, they would call her in the middle of the night and force her to come over and service men they were bringing in. This would happen 3-4 nights a week. She would be called, raped in the range of 10-20 times a night, go back to her house, get up for school and the cycle would happen all over again. The boys made threats against her family if she were to speak of the crimes being done against her.  The story ends when her family relocates again, due to her father’s job. 

“These men only see children in cents and dollars”

“Women and children are a renewable source of income”

Blurred faces on Backpage or another site indicate that the girl may be underage. 

One of the arguments for not criminalizing the purchase of sex is because some men help women escape the slavery. An argument against this follows: One of the prostituted women says that she was bought by a guy who took her to his apartment. He dead bolted the door’s ten locks and then proceeded to tell her that he got off by slowly killing prostitutes.  She was able to escape the situation by saying she had HIV and need to grab condoms in the car. However, the truth is that there are people who are unable to understand the difference between a prostitute and a prostituted woman.  The prostituted women and children are very vulnerable when a psychologically disturbed person with this lack of understanding buys them.

Sex Slavery in the Suburbs

Minh’s Story

Minh, now a 25 year old Berkeley graduate, was trafficked both by her mother and her father. Her father raped her when she was three. At age eight, her parents made her sign a contract that said that she would promise 30% of her income for the rest of her life. From the ages of 11 to 17, she was sold by her father in auto body shops, cafes, etc. to men who would pay to rape her. Minh’s mother began to get jealous of Minh, since the father would rape Minh instead of having sex with her. The mother began to traffic Minh after seeing the financial returns that her father was getting.


  1. where can i find the whole 4 hour documentary video???

  2. Yoni-
    I can not find it online unfortunately. Here are some short videos of it

    So sorry I couldn't help.

  3. Someone needs to look at Las Vegas - can't walk down the street without having cards flipped. I think this is a mecca of sex slavery.