Thursday, March 31, 2011

Living Water for Girls

 Basic Information:
Located in a safe undisclosed rural area- 7 arces in Georgia for house
Long-term comprehensive program for 10 girls at a time, in the12-17 year old age group
A program of Circle of Friends: Celebrating Life, Inc: a 501(c)3 organization
Peachtree, GA
Lisa Williams- Executive Director- L’oreal’s Women of Worth- exploited at age of 12

Contact Info:
Phone: 678-783-0126
Vision: To bring about freedom and the full restoration of American girls from the trauma of sexual trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, a form of modern-day slavery.
Mission: To rescue, rehabilitate and restore commercially sexually exploited girls by providing safe refuge and holistic therapeutic services.
Individual, group, family, and addiction counseling; on-site home-school education, GED and vocational services; and life-skills training and spiritual wellness
Living Water for Girls is a therapeutic residential program providing professional services and care for girls 12 to 17 years old who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). Girls can receive care for up to two (2) years in a safe, nurturing environment. Our program provides a wide range of mental health services; educational and vocational training; life skills and social supports to bring healing and transformation to our residents. Rehabilitative services include individual, family and group counseling; equine, music, and art therapy; and access to a full array of medical services.

Girls 12 to 15 years old will receive comprehensive educational services tailored to their individual needs provided in a home school environment. Girls 16 and older will attend high school, receive GED instruction or vocational training. Life skills training will be incorporated into the educational process to prepare the girls for successful independent living and job readiness.

Lastly, our program will focus on the transitional needs our residents face post-placement, to include: independent living, higher education, vocation, return to family of origin, foster care, or adoption.

Residents will participate in the planning and preparation of their own meals; engage in recreational activities that build strong minds, bodies and spirits; plant, cultivate and maintain organic gardens; and participate in other progressive therapeutic activities that engage them in building positive self-images and esteem, as well as healthy life styles and relationships.

Living Water for Girls chooses a focus on permanency, not placement. We understand each resident’s journey is unique and truly only beginning when she steps into our home. Our staff begins working with each resident from the day of placement to ensure that she will have an appropriate, healthy, secure and culturally sensitive support system to continue her journey beyond discharge.

We offer services designed to help each resident identify their options post-placement and to fortify these choices to give the best chances for future success. For residents who will return to their family, we offer a combination of therapy, education and support designed to strengthen all members. If a resident chooses independent living or higher education, a diverse offering of life skills, educational readiness, and vocational experiences will provide a foundation for further growth.

Requirements for Intake
Be female, ages 12 to 17.
Be identified as a victim of human trafficking at any point.
Participate in an intake screening and assessment process.
Not be under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol.
Not be actively suicidal or homicidal.
Have functional use of the English language.
Have official documentation to identify parent or legal guardian.
Agree to comply with the policies and procedures of living water for girls.
Have an IQ of 68 or greater (Call for more info).

About Circle of Friends, Inc.

$10 for ‘10 Campaign: 10,000 to donate $10 a month for 1 year to help sustain the therapeutic programs and services of Living Water for Girls

L’oreal- $5,000- Executive Director awarded “woman of worth”
Paradise Empowers, charity organization of PEI companies, $10,000: A federal credit union agreed to match every dollar

“Little Girl”:A piece of art exclusively for Living Water for Girls, published by Fine Art Concierge- all proceeds to LWG

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