Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interview with Maria from Living Water for Girls


1)How did Living Water choose the location of the safe-house? What were the important aspects to look at in regards to location? What makes it an ideal or not ideal location? If you were to be starting a new safe house in another state, what would you look for when picking a location?

The primary aspect for the location of the house was that it is secluded,because many of the girls' identity has to be hidden due to legal reasons and people looking for them. It is on a lot of land and away from any big cities-which discourages the girls from running. It has multiple gardens, a long nature trail, and a swing set. The house is very "house" like and not like a facility at all- all of these things are what makes the house ideal.
 A down side to the house being so secluded is that it takes forever to go anywhere-the doctor's office, the store, etc.

 If I were starting a new house I would look for all of the above things as well as it having a few more accommodations- like it being bigger for the girls to have more room in the actual house and a bigger classroom.

2)What is Living Water's program and aftercare solution missing?  If LWG could wave a magic wand and make anything possible, what would LWG put in their programs or safe house?

Our program is missing the ability to have more counselors/psychiatrists come in and work with the girls. Because the girls are on Medicaid,  psychiatrists only come in once a week because that is all Medicaid will pay for and our program doesn't have enough money to pay for extra counselors out of pocket. The girls do have other therapy treatments though, such as equine therapy, etc, and those services are donated to us by the individual.

Also, our program needs a better aftercare solution. While we get the girls off the street and/or out of a detention center and give them the tools they need to succeed while they are here, many times the parents choose not to be extremely involved. Therefore, when the child goes back home they are then left in a very similar environment as what they left.

Taken from an email interview with Maria on April 9th, 2011.

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