Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Greyston Bakery

   “We don’t hire people to make brownies, we make brownies to hire people.”

Basic Information
Yonkers, NY 10701
5 people on Management Team
11 on Board of Directors
For Profit Business with Foundation Arm (Double Bottom Line)
A central purpose of the Greyston Bakery is to generate profits that can help sustain the work of the Greyston Mandala.

Story behind the bakery:
-Founded in 1982 by a Zen Buddhist meditation group led by Bernard Tetsugen Glassman
-Borrowed $300,000 and opened a small storefront bakery in the Bronx
-The original goal — to produce quality, locally made products that would give the group a sustainable, satisfying livelihood
-In 1988, Greyston found a new calling in the inclusion of baked goods in ice cream, and since then has become the exclusive producer of brownies for the renowned Ben & Jerry's brand, among others.
-Bakery continues to be a force for self-transformation and community renewal, offering on-site training and fair wages and benefits to more than 65 local residents, regardless of their work history.

Contact Info:
(p): 800-289-2253

Mission Statement: Greyston Bakery is a force for personal transformation and community economic renewal. We operate a profitable business, baking high quality gourmet products with a commitment to customer satisfaction.
Vision Statement: Greyston Bakery is a leading model for social enterprise building a coalition with employees, community and shareholders. We properly compensate our employees: fair/living wage, health benefits, and direct participation in the profitability of the company. We train, promote from within, and mentor our employees, who we source from the local community
Ice cream mix-ins
-output of 20,000 pounds per day  
- for brand names such as Ben and Jerry’s
Do-Goodie -Gourmet brownies

Fair Trade
B Corporation

Greyston Foundation

What is Greyston Foundation? Greyston Foundation is a $13,000,000 integrated network of for-profit and not-for-profit entities, providing jobs, workforce development, low-income housing, supportive services, child care, after-school programs, comprehensive HIV health care, tenant services, community gardens and a gourmet bakery business.

Profits from Greyston Bakery support the Greyston Foundation's community development initiatives

Mission Statement: to support low-income individuals and families as they forge a path to self-sufficiency and community transformation.

Greyston's double bottom line makes for an interesting business model.  It is similar, but different, to Wellspring Living and their boutiques. Greyston's Bakery is a for-profit business, but the profits drive the nonprofit and community arm. It would be interesting to start thinking about transferring this model to an aftercare solution to survivors of sex trafficking. This would be a later stage skills training program, due to the nature of the work. Also, the bakery could be completely separate and run as a for-profit entity, while donating all its profits to an aftercare solution. The great thing about Greyston's is that it is a self-sustaining circle: people seeking job training and self-transformation are employed, they produce brownies, which  produces revenue that is used to pay the employees and management and also goes to the Greyston Foundation that helps to support families in the community.

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