Thursday, March 17, 2011

Door to Grace: restoring life to rescued children

*doesnt contain too much detailed information: I think they are just planning and opening up.

Basic Information
Tigard, OR
Non profit

Contact Info:

Model: well-informed program model that will be grounded in both Christian theology and in mental / behavioral health science in order to best meet the needs of this unique population.
The program will include the following components:
  • It will be located in a rural or semi-rural setting
  • It will provide safety and home-like community to the girls
  • Security will include protection from outside access only (the children will not be locked in)
  • Medical services will include basic health, dental care, medications, supervised medical de-toxification
  • Therapy services will include case management, addiction treatment, trauma therapy, individual and group therapy
  • Personal development opportunities will include life skills training, basic education (toward GED), recreation activities, creative therapy, job training, individual and group training, legal assistance, and spiritual development
  • The program will have multiple development stages
  • Staff will include two full-time, round-the clock care/case managers
Mission: To restore life to rescued children by:
  • Opening & operating a safe shelter for rescued children in Portland
  • Training caregivers to serve victims by demonstrating Christ’s love, grace and mercy
  • Serving the church to build a sustainable, community-wide system of support for victims
Why Portland?
Direct line between Mexico and Vancouver

Grace store, Individual Donations, I am assuming money from churches

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