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Children of the Night

Basic Information
Van Nuys, CA
Founded in 1979
501(c)3- nonprofit status
Rescued more than 10,000 children

Contact Info
818.908.4474 (p)
Dr. Lois Lee: Founder & President of Children of the Night: llee@childrenofthenight.org

Mission Statement: Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 and dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

Goal:  Children of the Night’s goal is to help child prostitutes re-enter mainstream society and go on to live healthy lives. 

24-hour hotline — 7 days a week.
In 2009 we answered 11,174 hotline calls: Female 9,835, Male 1,053, Unknown 286 [i]
Calls received by trained staff

1.8 Million dollars a year in fundraising
20,000 on direct mailing list/ mailing 3x a year
Applies to 300 grants a year
Playboy Foundation Grant in 1979
Volunteers: hair, nails, dentists, therapists, drivers, etc
Children of the Night is the beneficiary of a corporate gift of the Kumon math and reading program. Residents spend about 20 minutes a day working on the Kumon program, which is beneficial for children who need to learn to read or improve reading skills. [ii]

2009 Revenue [iii]
Foundation: $771,577       39%
Individuals: $630,119        32%
Corporate: $174,119         9%
Bequests: $370,246          19%
Interest and Dividends: $26,610    1%
Total Revenue: $1,972,671

2009 Expenses

Children Services $1,567,955   86%
Administrative     $122,391        7%
Fund raising         $ 127,122       7%

·         Sixty one children lived in 2009
·         24- bed home, located in the Los Angeles provides refuge, food, clothing, an on-site school, counseling, and emotional support for child prostitutes from all over the United States.
·         Highly structured program that keeps children busy during their stay.
·         VOLUNTARY program for children who want a way out, serving as a way station between the streets and a normal, healthy life.
·         Serves the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to prostitute
·         Children of the Night will pay for flights to their shelter

Program Specifics
·         Arrive and get placed into a private bedrooms if possible (each with its own bath) until they get a chance to settle in, and receive fresh clothing and hygiene kits.
·         Children have a designated Primary Caseworker who coordinates medical care, psychological care, academic assessments and other social services as needed.

·         Develop a “life plan,” specifically suited to their needs — whether it’s foster placement, independent living, returning home, or placement in the dormitory of a four-year college. [iv]
·         Attend an on-site school or college placement program
o   School has 1:1 tutors and children are able to get their GED or high school diploma.
o   Required to attend
·         Meditation twice a day
·         Meetings with the children every Tuesday for an hour
·         Therapy is done by volunteers, for families and children
·         Every Friday is a fun outing
·         Paid chores
·         Activities include: sports and recreational activities plus evening workshops in crafts, yoga, 12-step meetings, poetry, AIDS education, and more.

·         long-term support through alumni program
o   Alumni services are categorized into GRADS or KINS
§  KINS (Kids In Need of Service)
·         sometimes require direct financial assistance to pay for food, rent or a bus pass
·         require little assistance, self-sufficient, employed and often attending a trade school or college.
·         Can stay for a year(s)
o   13-yearolds may stay until they are 18.
o   If children are placed in foster or group homes, they are normally placed in their hometowns, and we work with their probation officers or social workers to provide the extras children need in order to progress into adulthood: prom dresses, computers, clothes, driving lessons.[v]

Important Quotes on Rehabilitation & Prostituted Children
 “We’re in the business of raising children,” says the organization’s founder and president, Dr. Lois Lee

“Children want structure,” Lee adds. “They need someone to listen to them, things to do, and to feel they’re achieving little successes. By getting a taste of what normal life is like, they can learn to do things for themselves. We don’t have a magic wand,” she points out. “It’s as simple as giving children unconditional love. We don’t punish them - we’re always there for them, regardless of what choices they want to make.

Other aspects of COTN
Actively involved in the prosecution of pimps in America
Each child who testifies is accompanied by a seasoned staff member who has extensive experience protecting the rights of young victims[vi]

Children of the Night is in demand to assist agencies across the country and around the world to develop similar programs.*

Demographics of Population Served

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