Monday, February 28, 2011

Wellspring Living

Basic Information
Tyrone, GA
Founded in 2002
501(c)3- nonprofit status
Faith based

Contact Info:
 (p): 770-631-8888

Mission Statement: connects a caring community with women seeking a way out of unhealthy lifestyles, promoting healing, wholeness, independence, and family restoration through Biblical Principles.  

History: 150 women and 25 girls served, 3 diplomas and numerous GED achieved in girls program, 125+ churches engaged.

Wellspring for Women: No charge for women. Components of the residential program: mentoring, counseling, coaching, life skills, education, family therapy, spiritual encouragement, teaching concerning healthy relationships, emotional wellness, nutrition, life skills, career skills.

Life Skills-Social development- lesson components: etiquette, mannerisms, appropriate dress, relational skills, grammar, time management, conflict resolution
Life Skills- Home development- lesson components: parenting, hospitality, cleaning, gardening, cooking.
Life Skills- Career Development: future/purpose training, resume, networking interviewing skills, budgeting/financial skills, work ethic 

They take a holistic approach: mind, body and soul. Wellspring coaches provide 24-hour support and supervision by living in the home with the women. Our daily schedule will be structured to include an individualized curriculum of recovery that addresses physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional healing. A licensed counselor will provide weekly counseling sessions and group therapy classes three times per week. Program participants gain practical life skills through Connection Classes taught by volunteers from the community.[i]

Process of Wellspring for Women:
There is a process of applying: fill out an application, blood work necessary, and interview.

Six months in an intensive, therapeutic environment followed by six months of supported transition. After the six-month stay in the Wellspring Home, each woman enters into the Transition Home. During this time, the women will have the opportunity to make supported, wise decisions. The increased freedom will allow participants to begin living in healthy independence. By making career and education decisions, Wellspring participants will be able to practice healthy life choices with accountability and direction from God’s Word.[ii]

Weeks 1-2: move into residential facility- can only leave with a coach or approved ministry leader. No contact with anyone outside of Wellspring Living,
Weeks 3-13: Approved visitations can take place on Sunday from 2-4. Can receive calls mail from approved people. Can only leave with a coach or approved ministry leader.
Weeks 12-24: Can leave it with staff or approved friend of family (only sun 1-5) Once a month, an approved visitor may stay overnight with them.
Weeks 25-28: May have two weekends home; must start looking for a job and alternative approved housing. Will be given assignments and accountability.
Weeks 29-32: same at weeks 25-28 but allowed three weekends home
Weeks 33-52: they are free to leave the residential program if they have found approved alternative housing and employment. They still need to check in daily by phone and weekly in person.
There is a graduation ceremony at the end.
*If a resident wishes to leave the program, she is expected to wait on that decision for 24 hours. She may not be accepted back into the program. A woman can be mandated to leave the program. 

Expenses that Wellspring Home will cover: Meals, lodging, individual counseling, curriculum, clothing needs, toiletries, appropriate social activities.
Expenses that Wellspring Home will not cover: medical expenses, past debts, legal fines

Wellspring for Girls: Components of program: innovative counseling, education, life skills, vocational training, family reunification, spiritual.
Partners with non-traditional school and licensed children’ home
Target population: ages 12-17, seems to be a gap in services for age 18-21*

Lynn Counseling: Outpatient, Christ-centered therapy open to public.

Redeemed Assessment Center :a crisis stabilization center for women leaving a dangerous situation. This is a point of entry for the residential women’s program. There is a three week allotted time period for this center. 

Wellspring Treasures: Wellspring Living runs three upscale boutiques in GA that sell gently used furniture, clothing, house ware. They are run by 125 volunteer, working approximately 4 hour shifts once or twice a week. All proceeds go to the girls and women’s program.  I can not find it on their home website, but I do see that they have a store now in SC; they have expanded.
$3.5 Million earned through revenues, gains and other supports since 2009
50% of revenue is earned through the Wellspring Stores
Spartanburg Regional Foundation: funding for SC
Donor base of nearly 5,000 giving time, money and resources
Foundations, grants, churches, individual donations

Community involvement:
Their three stores, golf tournaments, 5k walks, dinner +fashion show
Donation information:
·         $30 Recovery Bible and Journal for a Wellspring woman
·         $50 Welcome Basket for girl’s arrival including towel, pillow, bathing items
·         $100 Personal Recovery Curriculum for a woman
·         $250 One year’s Academic Curriculum for one Wellspring participant
·         $300 One week’s groceries for the Wellspring for Women Home
·         $1000 Bedroom furniture for two women
·         $5000 Scholarship for one woman at the Wellspring for Women Home

Overall thoughts- I am thoroughly impressed by the hybrid model, taking in revenues from selling a product. This money is reinvested into the nonprofit side, allowing them to take in girls and women. I am interested in the expansion of this idea and how they came about starting it. They also take any victim at any stage in the recovery, whether it be out of jail, still on the streets with a drug addiction, etc. For the Wellspring Home program, the women must be complete detoxed; participants are allowed to wean off a drug in the first two weeks of the program if they meet with a clinical director) They do say though that Wellspring Home may not be the appropriate place for women with the need of intense supervision since they do not work with an evening and day shift schedule. It seems to be a home atmosphere in the residential part of the program.


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