Friday, January 14, 2011

State Sex-Trafficking "Grades"

"Shared Hope’s Protected Innocence Legislative Framework sets out the basic policy principles required to create a safe environment for children. It outlines laws critical to:

  • Preventing domestic minor sex trafficking through reducing demand, 
  • Rescuing the victims of this crime through improved training on identification and establishing sufficient protocols and facilities for placements, 
  • Restoring the victims by mandating appropriate services and shelter and installing trauma-reduction mechanisms in the justice system, and 
  • Fixing broken systems of response to the victims, ensuring they are treated as victims and providing them with remedies through the law to recapture their lives and their futures.
The Protected Innocence State Report Card analyzes each state’s legislative framework and assigns it point values that calculate to a grade: A-F. The report card strives to provide recommendations to improve a state’s grade. "

Washington state "C"
Oregon "D"

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