Saturday, January 22, 2011

Signs of a Sex-Trafficked Person

"It is important to be on the look-out for potential indicators of trafficking. Although non-exhaustive, the following is a list of potential indicators. Each of these indicators may or may not be a tell-tale sign of domestic sex trafficking, but it is recommended that each be taken in an overall context of appearance, demeanor, and affect. Indicators include:
Presence of an overly controlling and abusive ‘boyfriend’
Inability to look in the eyes or face of people, especially her ‘boyfriend’
Injuries/signs of physical abuse or torture
Signs of malnourishment
Restricted or controlled communication
Demeanor - Fear, anxiety, depression, submissive, tense, nervous
Claims of being an adult although appearance suggests adolescent features
Lack of identification documents (ID, birth certificate, Social Security card)
Presence of different aliases and ages
Lack of knowledge of a given community or whereabouts
Frequent movement
Claims of “just visiting” and inability to clarify addresses
Few or no personal possessions
Few or no personal financial records
Inconsistencies in their story
Inappropriately dressed for court
Reporting an excessive amount of sexual partners during a health check-up" (Polaris Project)

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