Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sex-Trafficking Slang/Common Words

  • “Daddy” – a term used to describe one’s own pimp, evoking images of fatherhood.
  • “Bottom” or “Bottom Bitch” – the woman who’s been with the pimp the longest and often takes on a mid-level controlling role to keep other victims in line.
  •  “Dates,” “Johns,” and “Tricks” – terms used to describe buyers of commercial sex.
  •  “Square” – a term used that describes trying to go straight and get out of the life, or that describes law enforcement and those that don’t understand “the game.”
  •  The “Stroll” or “Track” – the common area or cross-streets where street prostitution is known to occur on a nightly basis.
  •  “Pimp circle” – the process of multiple pimps swarming and surrounding one woman or girl and hissing insults at her, for the purposes of humiliation and intimidation.
  • "Wife in Law” – each individual in a group of women or girls that are with the same pimp. “Family” and “folks” also are synonyms.
  • Stable” – refers to the group of women and girls under a pimp’s control (i.e., a pimp’s stable).
  • “Out of Pocket” – a term used to describe when a woman or girl breaks “the rules” by making eye contact with another pimp.

Taken from Polaris Project, to read more, visit here.

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