Sunday, January 16, 2011

Legalization of Prostitution

I am interested in learning more about the economics and the benefits and negative effects of legalized prostitution, as of right now I do not agree with it. As John Miller said arguing for the legalization for prostitution is like arguing "‘for getting better mattresses in slave ships." Even though Amsterdam has legalized it, they still have a large amount of sex-slaves. Legalized prostitution does not mean eradication of sex-trafficking.

Argument for Legalized Prostitution "Legalized prostitution could save states and taxpayers thousands of dollars per year. A 1980s report on prostitution in the United States showed that the typical cost required to arrest and incarcerate a prostitute was $2,000 per arrest (Prostitution). This cost has surely risen since then, due to inflation, and will continue to rise unless a change is made in the way the law handles prostitution.

Allowing prostitution to remain illegal permits pimps and human traffickers to remain largely in charge of prostitution and the individuals involved, namely prostitutes. If legalized, prostitution as a whole should be supervised for the safety of the prostitutes, their clients, and the general public. According to Donna Hughes, the Director of Women's Studies at the University of Rhode Island and an activist against sexual violence and exploitation, "The enormity of the sex trade throughout the world is overwhelming, but the only way to proceed is to acknowledge the violence and exploitation for what it is and create remedies accordingly." While Hughes does not agree with legalizing prostitution, she makes a valid point. Without regulations criminalizing sex trafficking and violence against women, legalization only stands to exacerbate the problem."

Arguments Against

" Opponents of legalizing prostitution argue that purchasing sex and operating sex establishments should be criminalized because prostitution can never be a choice, and the 'profession' in inherently based on a system of male sexual dominance, appropriating the female body for pleasure and reinforcing the subordination and sexual objectification of women" (Kara, Sex Trafficking, 100).

To all those reading, What are your thoughts?

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