Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Domestic Sex-Trafficking Operates

Pimps, trafficking younger American girls, usually catch their prey by showing "false love and feigned affection" (Polaris). This period often includes:
  • "Warmth, gifts, compliments, and sexual and physical intimacy
  •  Elaborate promises of a better life, fast money, and future luxuries
  • Purposeful and pre-meditated targeting of vulnerability (e.g., runaways, throwaways)
  • Purposeful targeting of minors due to naivete, virginity, and youthful appearance" (Polaris).
Where pimps find the girls:
  • "Common recruiting locations include:
  • Junior high and high schools
  • Courtrooms
  • Hallways of court buildings
  • Foster home
  • Bus stations
  • Group homes
  • Homeless shelters
  • Halfway houses
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Parks and playgrounds" (Polaris)

    The next period is called the "seasoning or grooming" of girls, which includes breaking down their strength and forcing them to comply with the pimps.  "In essence, this process aims to achieve complete control over someone’s identity or individuality using a combination of physical, mental, and emotional means. In the trafficking paradigm, this process involves force, fraud, and coercion, as elaborated below. Seasoning often involves:

    • Beating/Slapping/Whipping – With hands, fists, and kicking, as well as with objects such as bats, tools, chains, belts, hangers, canes, and cords
    •  Burning – Of personal items and items of meaning to foster hopelessness and demoralization or directly burning women and girls using cigarette/cigar butts
    • Sexual assault – Rape or gang rape
    • Confinement – Using torture practices such as confinement to lock women and girls in closets, trunks of cars, or rooms for indeterminate amounts of time.
    • Other torture techniques – Such as deprivation of food or water or various forms of bondage such as chaining individuals to items or tying them up.
    •  Emotional abuse – Direct verbal insults, name-calling, threats, mind control, brainwashing, cognitive re-programming
    • Re-naming – Offering “nicknames” both for endearment and to erase former identity
    • Creating dependencies – By instructing how to walk, how to talk, what to wear, when to eat, when to sleep, and where to sleep.
    •  Removal from familiarity and support structures – By transporting a woman or minor to a new location where she knows no one
    • Document confiscation – Of identification documents (ID, birth certificate, SS number)
    • Forced sexual education-Inducement of viewing pornography to learn to have sex" (Polaris).
    Pricing Structure:
    • Varies, women have nightly quotas of $500 to $2,000; average of 7 to 15 men per day; all money kept by pimps (Polaris)
    Structures That Help Support Trafficking
    • Advertisers, landlords, media, pimp subculture, operators of hotels used by pimps (Polaris)

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