Friday, December 10, 2010

A Wake Up Call for the Average US Citizen

Sex trafficking doesn’t only happen overseas

Written by: Jennifer McDonough Hollis

Today, when society’s children want to study abroad or move to a different country, we warn them about their safety.
We attempt to dissuade them from traveling because of the treat of human trafficking. We believe they will be in immense danger.
While this holds a great deal of truth, society forgets about our own dangers. Society forgets that the United States is also a hazardous place where modern-day slavery does, indeed, occur.
In fact, a child from the United States is far more likely to be trafficked here, in the United States, than abroad. Society puts so much emphasis on foreign risks, when society should really be looking at some of its own.
Children are being taken off of the streets, in public places like shopping malls and movie theaters, and they are being lured into a dark world by the Internet and then exploited.
Our society is almost, in a sense, being permissive about the sex trafficking of minors. Our attitudes, or our perceived attitudes, as seen in the media, condone sex acts. Everything has become sexualized – our clothes, our music, our entertainment.
Sex sells in the United States. While that was once seen as a figurative statement, it should be taken, now, as very real and very literal. This is the harsh reality that many of us are just beginning to become aware of.

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