Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sex- Trafficking: India
Country has three million children in flesh trade
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According to Gupta, traffickers, many of whom are members of organised crime networks from transporters to recruiters to agents to brothel managers and owners are part of the trafficking chain and serve the need of the end user. "To dismantle the system of trafficking, we need to go after the demand for trafficked sex. We must run a campaign that acts as a deterrent to this demand. According to the National Human Rights Commission of India, all those who are purchased for entry into prostitution are 9 to 13 years old. The same study says that the numbers of those who are being trafficked for prostitution are going up and the age is coming down," she said.

She revealed that according to the Central Bureau of Investigation, there are three million prostituted children in India right now.
Small businesses should be started for those who are the victims of trafficking or are vulnerable to it. "Provide them with linkages in the corporate world, where they can get job training and access to jobs. Also, try and develop small business models for such women as well self help groups for a sustainable and dignified livelihood," she said.

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