Friday, November 26, 2010

Notes from Call and Response

“You can buy a human for $90, less than a cow”
US spends more in a single day to fight the drug trade than it does in one year to fight the trade of human beings.
According to the government, about 17,000 humans are trafficked into the US yearly. 80% are women, 50% of children
Slavery happens in most industries: cotton industry, coffee industry. Chocolate Industry
2 girls burned to death because chained inside their brother- if that isn’t slavery, what it.
Slavery: The loss of freedom, actual use of violence to deprive people of freedom.
Girl:“Worked for 6 years, 1000 men a year, never been to school. So I cant add it up”

Average income in Cambodia: $300
Average Price for young virgin: $500

Clients want to be assured they are HIV free, younger and younger now. Purchase orphan, sell for appropriate age. Sell to pimp, pimp sells to client who takes them to a hotel, period of week, 40 different men rape. Hymen sewed then sold again. Then they have sex again after 2-3 days because then the client thinks that they are a virgin due to the bleeding and pain. Go through this numerous times.

Traffickers have recruitment office so make it seem like a real business.
People are tricked into brothels by trying to get a job.
Cartels across borders to traffic people.
Drug Trade, Arms Trade, People Trade: all connected

Eastern Europe: gang raped into submission and then put into brothels (bar, karaoke)
Asia, let there to accept their fate, Wait until they get hungry enough

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