Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craigs List

"One of the most appalling things is that Craigslist is not a porn site. It markets itself as a community website," the former RCMP officer said. ( )
In September, Craigslist shut down its adult services section. But with research showing 7,200 men are exploiting young girls every month, officials say the demand will go to other websites. McCullough also says while demand in escort services and on the streets has remained steady, demand on the internet has increased. (

On the day of the closing down of Craigslist adult services section, Craigslist sent messages (including text messages) to individuals who have posted sex ads under its Adult Services section, telling them to post the ads in a different section of Craigslist. (as reported to the FAIR Fund) *

Craigslist competitors are raking in millions for sex ads, and are projected to raise more over time after the shuttering of Craigslist's Adult Services:

  • #1: Backpage, 20 million
  • #2:, 6.8 million
  • #3:, 3 million
  • #4:, 265,000
  • #5:,230,000*

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